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How to Choose the LAB Scanner?

Time : 2023-05-05 Hits : 1

With the promotion and development of oral digitalization around the world, more and more dental clinics and dental LAB have begun to transform in the direction of digitalization; Therefore, there are also many oral digital equipment such as: intraoral scanner, dental lab scan, face scan, 3D printing, milling machine and etc. As a front-end product for the digitalization of dental LAB, how to choose dental LAB scanner products is particularly important.

1. Speed

Scanning speed has always been one of the main performance of judging products; Scanning quickly can greatly improve work efficiency, common scanning speeds Full-arch≤15s, Model with Dies≤16s, Impression≤38s, Articulator≤7s are relatively fast.

2. Software

For dental LAB, a software that is easy to operate is very important, not only can be learned quickly in the early learning and use, but also the problem handling and use in the later stage is simpler

3. Hardware

Consistent and reliable quality is also an important factor in defining a good product, in addition to a large field of view and the ability to scan very small angles are also very important, which can help us to complete more complex cases in our daily work.

4. Widespread application

For dental LAB, the more indications a device can scan, the better, so we need to pay more attention to what kind of scan can be completed when choosing, in addition to the common Full-arch, Model with dies, Impression Articulator (Kavo, Artex) Implant Abutment Implant Bridge Full denture is also very important.

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