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Dynamic Semi-dry Suction

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American Type

American Type

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● Constant pressure regulation

● Stainless steel separation tank

● Anti-corrosion coating

● 4RB double-stage fan with high negative pressure

● High efficiency and energy saving

● Compact structure and high efficiency

Product Description:

The DS600 series medium-sized dental electric suction system is suitable for medium-sized dental clinics, and 5-15 sets of equipment are recommended; doctors and patients can continue to perform diagnosis and treatment without interruption, and the experience is better; the obvious improvement of the visibility of the treatment area can promote the smooth operation of the operation, and more Save time; using a suction system can effectively reduce the risk of infection and infection between doctors and patients, and reduce cross-infection.


Product Parameters:

ModelVoltage(V)Frequency (Hz)Power (KW)Current (A)Flow (L/min)Degree of vacuum (KPa)Weight (KG)Noise dB(A)Size(mm)Number of dental chairs
ModelVoltage(V)Frequency (Hz)power (KW)Current (A)flow (L/min)Degree of vacuum (KPa)Weight (KG)Noise dB(A)size (mm)Number of dental chairs


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