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The first session training course activity was successfully held in DYNAMIC group.

Time : 2022-09-27 Hits : 1

Recently, the first session of the dental equipment practical training course of Dynamic College was successfully held at Dynamic Kunshan headquarters.


Professional engineers and product managers, from theory to practice, lead students to simulate the operation process of the entire set of dental equipment, and provide solutions to potential problems.


The first part is theory Learning: Representatives of the R&D team shared in detail the advantages and technical points of dental air compressors, suction units, sewage treatment systems, pure water treatment systems and digital oral equipment.


The second part is practical operation to consolidate equipment operation: The practical operation course is divided into multiple groups synchronously, and an engineer in each group guides and solves the questions of each student in the practical operation.


The last part is graduation Ceremony: With the successful conclusion of the course, DYNAMIC General Manager Mr. Leo Liu (third from right) and Marketing Director Mr. Tony Shi (second from right), on behalf of Dynamic College, presented each student with a certificate of completion and took a group photo.


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