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Why prevent dental waterway infections?

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Why prevent dental waterway infections

There is a problem of iatrogenic cross-infection in oral treatment.

The medical water source can cool the teeth and rinse the polluted area when the doctor uses the high-speed hand piece.

Exogenous bacterial organisms are easily attached to surfaces protected by water.

Biofilms and harmful colonies that form in water pipelines or delivery system walls can enter the treatment equipment and patient's mouth with the flow of water, creating aerosols that contaminate the environment.

Effective control of water source cleanliness and inhibition of biofilm formation in pipelines are the keys to infection control in oral waterways.



Product form

The key to controlling the purity of the water source in the dental clinic is the water purification device at the water inlet and the pipeline disinfection device connected to the treatment table.

The colony of dental unit water should not exceed 100 CFU/ml.

A filter, a reverse osmosis purification device and an ozone and ultraviolet disinfection device are installed at the outlet of the Dynamic brand water purification device.

It can effectively inhibit the growth of biological bacteria, prevent the growth of bacterial biofilms in the water pipes of the treatment equipment, and ensure the safety of treatment water.



Product application scenarios

Dynamic brand water purifier, the pipeline disinfection device disinfects and sterilizes the bacteria in the water through ozone disinfection.

The output water quality meets the national safe water standard below 100CFU/ml, ensuring the safety and environmental protection of medical water.

At the same time, the water sterilized by ozone can also be used for food processing, cleaning of fruits and vegetables, bottled water and ice-making water in addition to oral medical water.

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