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What is a portable dental treatment unit?

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What is a portable dental treatment unit

Dental comprehensive treatment equipment is a medical equipment used for dental treatment, which is suitable for the diagnosis and treatment of various dental diseases.

Dental treatment equipment comes(itself) with saliva suction system, water purification system and high and low speed hand pieces.

High-end treatment equipment also comes with light curing machine and dental scaler .

The unique design of the portable dental complex can move freely, which is convenient for doctors to carry and go out for consultation.



Product form

The Dynamic brand portable treatment unit is a movable dental comprehensive treatment device with its own air source device.

Its box-type design, the air intake muffler technology can control the volume to below 55db.

The appearance is beautiful, and the weight is only 30kg. It is equipped with casters and pull rods, which can be easily moved.

The built-in oil-free air compressor does not require an external air source, and the complete treatment equipment can be used for consultation anytime, anywhere.



Product application scenarios

It can be used for doctors to go out for consultation, and community free consultation and treatment needs.

For patients who need to visit the clinic, the portable treatment unit is small and flexible, which is more convenient to use.

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