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What is the dental digital image solution?

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What is the dental digital image solution

The dental digital images are displayed on a computer in the form of a digital form.

Digital dental film impression equipment can be divided into direct digital equipment (digital X-ray sensor) and indirect digital image equipment (phosphor plate scanner).



Product form

The direct digital imaging equipment (digital X-ray sensor) consists of a hard imaging board and a connecting wire.

When filming, the image is directly imaged on the hard image board, and the data is transmitted to the computer through the connecting line, and viewed through the computer. The advantages are clear and fast.

Indirect digital imaging equipment (phosphor plate scanner) is to shoot images on a phosphor plate, and scan and read through the phosphor plate scanner.

Its advantages are that the impression process is easy, soft image are recyclable and the cost is lower.



Product application scenarios

Dental treatment uses digital X-ray sensors and phosphor plate scanners to get a clear view of dental conditions.

Implant treatment can check the bone density content of a single tooth and the combination of the implant through the phosphor plate.

Phosphor plates are easy to use, lower radiation, and are used more frequently.

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