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What is an oral suction machine?

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What is an oral suction machine

The high-speed hand piece used in dental treatment will produce aerosol, which will not only affect the doctor's operating field of vision, but also contain contaminants in the treatment, such as bacteria, germs, fungi, etc., which will increase the risk of cross-infection for medical practitioners.

The oral suction machine sucks the spray away, ensuring the health and safety of dental practitioners.



Product form

Dental suction units must meet the medical clinical requirements.

The suction system can completely absorb dental waste water, blood, saliva, tooth debris, etc.

Aerosols produced by the cooling water of high-speed rotating instruments, including microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses will fill the clinic.

The risk of cross-infection can be effectively reduced by a suction machine with a suction flow of 300L/min.

The minimum suction power of the Dynamic brand suction unit is above 300L/min. Its unique frequency conversion function can ensure the constant output power and promote the normal operation of the dental treatment table.



Product application scenarios

During dental treatment, the aerosols generated by the cooling water of the high-speed rotating instruments contain microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses that will fill the clinic.

It may cause cross-infection in the clinic or between doctors and patients. The suction unit with a suction flow of 300L/min can effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection.

There are two types of Dynamic brand suction unit: semi-dry type and wet type, and suitable suction equipment can be selected according to the clinic in different environments.

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