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What is an oil-free silent air compressor?

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What is an oil-free silent air compressor

A device that converts air through equipment compression into a power source.

Air compressors used in laboratories, universities, hospitals, dentistry, scientific research institutions and other fields require more sophisticated equipment, more reliable, more environmentally friendly, quieter, and purer compressed gas.

The silent oil-free air compressor adopts oil-free piston type for air compression, with stable air pressure output and no noise pollution.

The equipment does not need lubricating oil to ensure that the output gas is oil-free and purer. The water outlet of the equipment can remove the accumulated water in the air tank in time to ensure the clean air.



Product form

The dynamic air compressor adopts oil-free pump, the inner tank is sprayed with antibacterial paint, and is equipped with a drying tower with a dew point of -25 °C to ensure that the output gas can meet the medical grade gas source standard.

The minimum noise value of the equipment can reach 50dBA, and the air inlet is equipped with a special muffler to use with the matching muffler box to achieve the laboratory noise level.

The equipment lifetime is up to 4000 hours, which is more durable.

The Dynair brand air compressor is equipped with an intelligent operating system, which is easy to operate, and the operation data can be viewed more clearly, which is more suitable for digital dental clinics.



Product application scenarios

The compressed air provided by the air compressor is an indispensable power source in dental treatment.

The pneumatic high-speed hand piece, low-speed handpiece, 3-way syringe and some dental chairs that need to be driven by the air source all need the air compressor.

A medical air compressor that can provide clean, dry and oil-free air is the primary condition for the normal operation of the dental comprehensive treatment system.

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