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What is Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors?

Time : 2022-06-13 Hits : 1

Intraoral sensor is a common imaging product in oral clinic.

The Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor needs to be placed in the patient's mouth, and the parts to be inspected are photographed by X-ray. Finally, the photographed tooth position information can be directly displayed on the computer. Mainly to take pictures of local teeth


It consists of two parts: sensor and customized software;

The shell is made of Kevlar material - high temperature resistance, strong sealing and protection level up to IP68;

There are two types of common sensor models: DX01 and DX02. Please select the appropriate size according to the size of the patient's mouth.


X-ray examination is required for the clinical diagnosis of individual teeth, especially the symptoms of root canal or caries;

Mainly used for X-ray examination of individual tooth decay, root canal treatment, implant position, inspection of inflammation scope, etc.

The digital model can be directly displayed on the computer, allowing the patient to see the state of their teeth more intuitively, thus making the communication between doctors and patients easier. At the same time, the rich tools of the software make medical technical communication easy.

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