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What is intraoral scanner?

Time : 2022-06-01 Hits : 1

Digital intraoral scanners allow dentists to scan directly in the patient's mouth to obtain 3D digital models of teeth, which are then sent to a CAD/CAM platform for restoration design and processing.

It changed the dental impression taking method and the intraoral impression taking has been transformed from a traditional method to a digital one.


It is mainly composed of scanner host, scanner tip, power adapter and customized software;

The scanner tip is a sterilizable and reusable accessory (consumable);

Customized software needs to be installed on a high-performance computer.


Digital intraoral scanner is the most common digital impression taking tool and doctor-patient & doctor-technician communication tool;

It can be used for common restoration impressions (crowns, inlays, veneers, bridges, etc.), implant impressions (implant guides, personalized abutments, etc.) and orthodontic impressions (invisible appliances, bracket bonding, etc.).

The digital model can be directly displayed on the computer, allowing the patient to see the state of their teeth more intuitively, thus making the communication between doctors and patients easier. At the same time, the rich tools of the software make medical technical communication easy.

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